Our Blog- March 2018

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Study


Imagine having lots of reading and calculations to do, but you are constantly distracted by beeping phones, blaring radios and bright televisions…It is not always easy for a teenager or a younger child to find the needed concentration to go through proper revision and homework. And this is where parents can greatly help them in…

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Games and Activities to Help With Your English


There is no greater way than games and certain activities to learn English, or to help your child learn English. Not only is it fun and can go very fast, it is also helping you memorise lots of things without it ever feeling boring. We have put together a little list of the best games…

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11 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Kids to Summer Camp

11 reasons you should send your kids to summer camp

While the first week away from school is usually a busy one – a flurry of activities, lots of friends meeting up at different houses or heading down to the beach with the family if there’s one locally, after a while, children quickly get bored.  They look for other things to do to amuse themselves…

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