Our Blog- April 2018

Things Our International Students Will Like Doing in Kent


Located in the south-east of England, Kent is what one would call a very English village turned to a town, in a non-metropolitan county. Canterbury is surely the most well-known area of Kent, with its 1,400 year-old cathedral and its Roman museum. However, we also believe there are so many other things to see, especially if…

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7 Great Books You Should Read to Help you Learn English


Reading is not only a great way to open one’s mind, but it is also one of the best, most fun tools you can use for learning a language. If you are on the path of learning English from scratch or you are well ahead and just want to brush up on your idioms and…

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5 Revision Tips That Work!


The last few weeks before exams are always the hardest. Endless “what ifs” will spring to mind: what if you can’t remember the fact you need to answer a question? What if you are presented with a problem that has no clear or intuitive solution? What if you are asked to name all the distant relatives of…

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