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Teaching teens – Setting the tone

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Teenage students studying on short language courses have many different expectations of their study experience will be like. So do their parents. There are a number of small, yet effective, things which you can do in the lessons and which can help to make all the difference to the students’ experience.   * Learn and…

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Welcome to the mind of a teenager

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Every year many EFL teachers decide to work in residential summer schools for teenagers. Around the world the number of children and teenagers learning English is on the increase. Yet, most EFL teachers start their career by taking either the CELTA or Trinity TESOL courses, which are widely accepted as teaching qualifications but primarily focus…

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7 Great Books You Should Read to Help you Learn English


Reading is not only a great way to open one’s mind, but it is also one of the best, most fun tools you can use for learning a language. If you are on the path of learning English from scratch or you are well ahead and just want to brush up on your idioms and…

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5 Revision Tips That Work!


The last few weeks before exams are always the hardest. Endless “what ifs” will spring to mind: what if you can’t remember the fact you need to answer a question? What if you are presented with a problem that has no clear or intuitive solution? What if you are asked to name all the distant relatives of…

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How Parents Can Help Their Kids Study


Imagine having lots of reading and calculations to do, but you are constantly distracted by beeping phones, blaring radios and bright televisions…It is not always easy for a teenager or a younger child to find the needed concentration to go through proper revision and homework. And this is where parents can greatly help them in…

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Games and Activities to Help With Your English


There is no greater way than games and certain activities to learn English, or to help your child learn English. Not only is it fun and can go very fast, it is also helping you memorise lots of things without it ever feeling boring. We have put together a little list of the best games…

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