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How Parents Can Help Their Kids Study


Imagine having lots of reading and calculations to do, but you are constantly distracted by beeping phones, blaring radios and bright televisions…It is not always easy for a teenager or a younger child to find the needed concentration to go through proper revision and homework. And this is where parents can greatly help them in their studies, especially right before exams. Read on to find out about out recommended tips.

As study time can be a shared stressful period for everyone in a household, it is also the time when kids need the most support and help. It is normal for worrying parents to think that their kids are either doing too much or not enough. As a parent, a great first tip would be to create a little study environment for the children. This space should be as quiet as possible, with good lighting and appropriate furniture like a comfortable chair and desk. A nice touch would be to have some colourful pens, erasers, highlighters and notebooks to keep things fresh and interesting.

For an adult to be as productive as possible, end goals are set to promote this engagement and productivity. It should work the same way with kids who are studying, as this will give them a good incentive to succeed and also prepare them for their future careers in the world of work. So, try and encourage your children to study well with short-term rewards. These rewards can be very simple things, such as watching a bit of telly, a hot chocolate, a short trip to the shopping centre or even taking them out for lunch.


Changing things up should also help with the gruelling and sometimes monotonous repetition of trying to understand certain subjects and memorising information. Motivation and mental strength is bound to slow down if it’s incessantly the same system over and over again. You could accompany them to a quiet coffee shop or park (if it’s nice outside) to bring a change of scenes to their routine.  It will also make you, as a parent, more accessible if your child wants to talk to you one on one and ask for advice and tips.

The last crunch days before final exams can be tough and also full of different dates and information. To help your child stay on top of everything, try to get familiar with his or her timetable as well as possible. Knowing when your child is sitting for what exams will bring you closer to understanding the type of stress they may be experiencing. By doing this you will also be able to check in from time to time with your kids to see if they need any extra help or pointers as the important dates approach. It’s a small thing, but trust us, it’s a very important detail!

Lastly, if you can feel that your children are getting a bit more negative and are tending to procrastinate,  ask them simple questions such as “how did revision go today?”, “do you need someone to help you with a quick quiz?”. Simply knowing that you’re there will help your kids feel positive and ready to ask you any questions they may have. For a summer of fun and learning alike, get more information about our latest 2018 addition to our summer programmes at Benenden School.