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BEO Forum Post 2

Dear Teams,


Thank you very much for joining us on our second BEO Webinar. It will available online on Tuesday 5th December.


We haven’t received many queries from participating teams but remember you can email all questions to They will be compiled in this forum, so everybody has access to it.


Our next webinar will be in January 2024. As usual, you will receive the link to our Zoom meeting the day before.



Cassandra & the OIEG Team





Question: I’m travelling with the students, but there is another person at our school who will need access to the information shared about the competitions. Can I share the information I receive with them?

Answer: Yes. This information is not only for you (the one travelling with the students), it is also for members of staff in your institution who have direct contact with parents. You can share the password to enter the Guidelines section, the Zoom links, and access to webinar recordings and this forum!





Question: Can students use iPads on stage?

Answer: No. Students may be able to use handwritten notes only (more information on the Guidelines)





Question: Will students have to use a computer for the Improvisation Challenge? This has never been the case.

Answer: We do not encourage students to bring too many electronic devices. However, we do understand that they may need to make changes to their presentations. Similarly, since the brief for the Improv Challenge is unknown, they may want to use some background music, or even to project a video. Remember, you will still have to save everything in a USB stick.