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Our success is based on getting the right people in the right place. People with commitment, enthusiasm and talent. People who share our values.

Since starting with one school in Oxford in 1991 we now have more than 15 Easter and summer schools and bring over 13,000 students to the UK each year. With five other businesses, including six year-round schools within the OIEG portfolio, we justifiably consider ourselves market leaders in the youth travel and language education market. We remain a family-run business and at the heart of our success are the core purpose and values of:

INTEGRITY: We build relationships through trust, honesty and respect

PASSION & PRIDE: We love what we do and strive for excellence

CARE: We put our students and their goals at the heart of everything we do

CREATIVITY: We are not afraid to be different and we celebrate innovation


We believe that our purpose is to:

Create life enhancing learning experiences that help students worldwide to develop personally and professionally and that enrich their future opportunities.

Working for us is so much more than teaching or leading activities. We understand that there are more relaxing ways to spend an Easter or summer break than working on a residential programme. We believe that we offer staff wonderful opportunities: to meet people from around the world, to enhance their CV and to develop key employability skills, such as:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Problem solving
  • Initiative
  • Organisation
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Exposure and understanding of different cultures and customs


Here is what some of our staff have had to say when we asked them what their favourite part of the job was…

“My favourite part was working with all the different groups and having one group for the majority of the time. It was nice to get to know all the students so well.”

“Working with children and the independence I gained from going on excursions. I felt like it was a very rewarding experience. I learnt a lot and became more confident and independent from the whole opportunity.”

“The whole campus activities (e.g. colour run, team challenges and discos) were fantastically enjoyable. I loved building up a rapport with the students, getting to know them individually and seeing their English improve throughout their stay.”


What we offer:

  • Comprehensive pre-employment information
  • Compulsory Activity Leader training weekend two weeks prior to contracts beginning giving Activity Leaders the tools to do job
  • Thorough two day on campus induction, giving EFL Teachers and Activity Leaders programme detail and centre specific training
  • Senior staff training
  • OIEG unique syllabus provides teaching staff with student’s book and teacher’s book along with supplementary material and additional teacher support
  • Opportunities to gain teaching experience in multi-lingual classes and multi-cultural environment
  • Resources and materials to supplement individual planning of activities and excursions
  • Continued, ongoing support throughout contract from campus senior staff and head office staff
  • Visible appraisal system to highlight strong performance
  • Continued professional development in the form of job relevant workshops, observations and feedback
  • Clear career progression

Spring Jobs   Summer Jobs   Locations and Dates   Rates of Pay   Make an Application   Safeguarding   Apply