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We are seriously enthusiastic about our junior programmes and work hard on developing engaging lessons which benefit teenage language learners inside and outside the classroom.

What Can I Expect?

Every student who visits an Oxford International Junior Programmes centre deserves to gain confidence, improve their communication skills, enjoy themselves and leave with lasting memories and friendships. All teaching and learning materials for our courses are designed in-house by our Oxford International academic team and revised according to feedback from students and teacher focus groups.

All students sit a written and oral placement test on their first day to ensure they are placed correctly in challenging classes appropriate to their level. Every student also receives an Oxford International course book with all necessary learning materials for their language course.

Our Approach

Oxford International Junior Programmes overs a custom syllabus entitled English for the 21st Century. Teenagers are interested in a wide range of topics which are relevant to their lives, interests and development. Our aim is to provide engaging and encouraging lessons so students feel more confident. Our lessons are divided into two categories: Language Study and Language in Use.

  • Language Study focuses on the building blocks of the English language and aims to build students’ communicative competence by refreshing the knowledge they have, enlarging their vocabulary, and putting it into practice in real world contexts and engaging activities. In our weekly Review lessons, students recycle new language in either role plays or extended activities.
  • Language In Use:
    • Lessons that aim to develop transferable skills that will benefit students outside the classroom
    • Typically British lessons that include learning about different cultural aspects on British life
    • Projects that focus on cooperation and creativity

Our Materials

All teaching and learning materials for our courses are designed in-house by our Oxford International academic team. We cater to a variety of age groups, so in addition to our standard teenage syllabus, we also provide a syllabus tailored to young learners specifically. The content and design of the materials is informed by student and teacher focus groups. We frequently revise our syllabus to ensure that the next edition of course books are fresh and relevant to the students’ needs.

Our Teachers

Our teachers deliver relevant and engaging lessons which challenge students in a supportive way. Our aim is to raise the students’ confidence so they will feel more motivated and more inspired to engage with their language studies at home.


Zigzag Programmes

Our summer UK Residential & Homestay programmes will run zigzag programmes. This means that students will have some morning, some afternoon or even full-day lessons, mixed with weekday half and full day excursions. There may be some weekend lessons in some campuses too.

  • Summer North American Residential and Homestay programmes may run on a zigzag according to arrival dates and student numbers. This will be advised upon booking.
  • Groups studying in our year-round schools have the option to choose AM or PM lessons upon booking, usually in closed classes.
  • Our Spring programme usually runs a zigzag programme, but this is dependent on arrival dates and student numbers. This can be advised on booking.
  • Our Winter camp in January runs a programme of morning only lessons, but could be zigzagged should be enrolled student numbers dictate this.



Our centres in the UK are accredited by the British Council, you can view the full inspection report here.


Price lists

UK Summer 2023 Price list (Gross)

North America Summer 2021 Price list (Gross)

Academic Elective

World of Work syllabus*
(PCTO – Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento)

Available in all centres, this programme is designed to prepare students for the world of work. Our business preparation lessons include advise and support on CV writing, presentation skills and job interview techniques. Lessons will follow the same timing as our standard programme meaning groups can have students taking part in both programmes.

This programme is available for students aged 14 and over with a minimum English level of B1.

*Please note sufficient demand is required to run this programme in each centre and we need final confirmation of students partaking in this at least six weeks prior to the course start date.

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