Activities and Excursions

At Oxford International Junior Programmes we pride ourselves for our unique onsite activities and exciting excursions. We believe that language learning doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom and encourage students to fully immerse themselves in British culture, evening activities and socialising. Students are able to practice their spoken English, make friends and improve their communication skills as they interact with the variety of nationalities on campus.

London Excursions

A residential course isn’t complete without a visit to one of the most famous cities in the world; London. All of our programmes, with the exception of our Heriot Watt centre in Edinburgh, offer at least one excursion to London.  Some offer as many as 7! Students will get the opportunity to see some of London’s most iconic landmarks including the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Westminster and Parliament Square, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge, the National Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral. Tell us what you want to see and we will make it happen.

Cultural Excursions

Alongside the bright lights of London, the UK has a number of interesting cultural and historic cities and towns which offer something exciting to international groups. We have tailored every excursion destination to each centre so that students have the opportunity to explore the local area. All of our winter, spring, summer and cultural programmes include specially designed and informative walking tours for each excursion.

Optional Excursions

Optional excursions and entrances at Oxford International Junior Programmes allow students to personalise their experience in the UK for maximum enjoyment. For an additional cost, students can add some exciting options to their programmes from one of four optional booklets. One is designed for some of the most popular attractions, such as Madame Tussauds, the London Eye, Thorpe Park, the Tower of London, Edinburgh Dungeons and Windsor Castle, amongst many others.

Optional Excursions in North America

Optional excursions allow students to personalise their experience in North America. For an additional cost, students can add some of the top North American attractions to their programme. While studying in Toronto, students can travel to Blue Mountain, French Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec) & New York City. While in Vancouver, students can visit the Rocky Mountains, Victoria & Seattle. In San Diego, students have the option to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, Legoland, Beverly Hills & Hollywood.

Whole Campus Activities

No residential programme would be complete without the ‘favourites’. Every week we offer a variety of whole campus activities including discos, karaoke, talent shows, international nights, quiz nights and treasure hunts.


Our recruitment team are busy recruiting sports coaches and enthusiasts to run our wide range of sporting activities. Alongside the more typical sports such as football, volleyball and basketball, we have some brand new sports including handball, tag rugby, yoga, Zumba, Traditional British Sports and cricket. Alongside the traditional fun sports activities, we offer structured sports coaching at a number of our centres.

Team Challenges

We want to encourage students to break the mould and step outside of their friendship group! Students can be put through their paces with a series of inter-nationality mixed team challenges including Instagram photo challenge, Egg drop Challenge or the Team Challenge Day.


At Oxford International Junior Programmes we understand that not everyone loves sport! For this reason we introduced our ‘workshop’ sessions to our programmes. The workshop sessions focus in on specific skills and hobbies and give students the opportunity to show off their creativity. Just some of the workshops offer are dance, drama, fashion, fine art, jewellery making, comic strip designing, photography, self portrait and singing.