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BEO Forum Post 7

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before BEO kicks off!

BEO Forum Post 7



Dear BEO Participants,


With only 26 days to go, the competition is fast approaching! The team is working extra hard to make sure BEO 2024 is better than ever.


As expected, your queries have dwindled but we are still receiving a few of them. Here are this week’s questions:


Creative events

Question:  Is it acceptable to use words from our first language to express surprise or excitement?

Answer: The Judging Criteria is clear – one of the aspects assessed will be language. If the judges do not understand your words, this area will negatively suffer.


Question: Regarding the A Capella lyrics and the drama script, do they require a specific title?

Answer: The title of your song and play is your own creative decision.


Question: Do you have guitar or piano in the school? If so, can kids use it to perform?
Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be any instruments on site. If your students wanted to perform with a musical instrument, I’m afraid they’ll have to travel with it. I understand it is not possible to travel with a larger instrument, so perhaps rethink your performances so that live music is not necessary.


International Night

Question: Is there a stage or something like that for kids to present a dance show?

Answer: Most venues for the International Night will have a stage, so if your students wanted to perform during this event, make sure that you speak to the Centre Manager about this during your first Group Leader meeting.