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WEE Post 2

Dear all,

Hope you have had a great couple of weeks.

A few questions have been asked and I thought the answers could be useful to everyone participating in this new version of the WEE. We have also included a bulletin on a very popular night in the programme: International night.  You can find the bulletin here.

We hope you find this useful! Please do not hesitate to send your questions to


Warm regards,

Diana and the Oxford International team



Question: Are all the competitions in groups?

Answer: All competitions are group competitions. Students must work as a team at all times. That’s why it is really important to work on team building activities before coming to the WEE 2020.


Question: What are the most suitable soft and hard skills the students need to have for the competition?

Answer: I would say that co-operation and creativity should be at the core of any training. Team bonding activities are also great, closely followed by presentation skills that all students will need to excel in the competitions.


Question: Will students receive the same brief as a team so that they all have to come up with the ideas to develop it?

Answer: Yes, all briefs are received as a team and should be worked out as a team.