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11 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Kids to Summer Camp

11 reasons you should send your kids to summer campWhile the first week away from school is usually a busy one – a flurry of activities, lots of friends meeting up at different houses or heading down to the beach with the family if there’s one locally, after a while, children quickly get bored.  They look for other things to do to amuse themselves or they expect you, as their parent, to come up with ideas that haven’t already been exhausted to entertain them. This is just one reason why sending children to summer camp is such an excellent option. Below, we’ll give you even more great reasons why you should send your kids to summer camp, certainly to Oxford International Juniors, where not only will they have fun, they can improve their English language skills or learn something completely different.



One of the most appealing aspects of the Oxford International Juniors summer camps for kids is the opportunity to explore stunning areas of England or Scotland while making new, international friends and improving language skills.  Whether your child has travelled to the United Kingdom before or they’ve never stepped foot on British turf, seeing a new part of the country gives them a chance to experience a different culture. With courses for children from the age of 10 going right up to teenage years and beyond, there’s something for everyone.
Perhaps you’d like your child to hone in on their English language skills, or maybe they’ve already shown a particular talent for coding.  It could be they yearn to play a new sport and add in an educational element too. Whatever they love to do, there’s something for everyone at Oxford International Juniors and the setting is mainly located in incredible countryside.

Choose from the historic university area of Oxford, or send your child to Benenden School in Kent, with its sensational scenic backdrop. Perhaps your child would prefer to stay in one of our London centres, with its rich history, culture and modern hustle and bustle?  Or maybe they’d like to experience Scotland?  Sending your child to an Oxford International Juniors summer camp will definitely give them a new perspective, whatever location you choose.

2. Summer Camp Boosts Yours Child’s Confidence

Even the shyest types of children can benefit from spending some time abroad without their parents. Imagine being able to explore somewhere and something different while immersing themselves in a new culture! One of the best aspects of our Oxford International Juniors summer camp courses in the United Kingdom is the social side.

The English language courses typically include 16 hours of language tuition, leaving plenty of free time for the children to get involved in brilliant group activities, foster new relationships with other children and generally, have a blast!  On the same note, if you do want your child to further develop their English abilities, our optional additional hours of English tuition will definitely go a long way to improving their spoken and written word, giving them more confidence to use English as a second or third language.

3. Summer Camp Helps Children to Learn New Skills

The Oxford International Juniors English summer camps aren’t just about English language.  There are plenty of other exciting courses suitable for children age 10+.  Perhaps, like so many children across the world, your child likes to play football?  Why not immerse them in it and enrol them onto the Tottenham Hotspur football course at Royal Holloway where they will hone their football skills with professional football coaches from Tottenham Hotspur.  With small coaching groups, your child is guaranteed great focus and will come away with a brand new skill, improved English language and having had a fun-filled week.

There are also lots of other fabulous options to take advantage of.  Your child might want to get involved in dancing or drama, fashion or fine art, jewellery making, photography, singing or comic strip designing (to name a few of the workshops on offer).  There really is something for everyone.

4. Summer Camp Helps You to Free Up Your Time

It’s safe to say that sending your child to an English summer camp definitely gives you time to focus on your own work. Many parents must work throughout the summer holidays and want to make sure their children are suitably engaged, with fun activities but also understand the benefits of including some educational elements.  That’s why so many parents say that Oxford International Juniors summer camp is invaluable.  Lots of parents from across the world already know the significant benefits of camps, especially one situated in England, with all of its rich history and interesting culture to explore.  With multiple locations for children ages 10+, Oxford International Juniors summer camps strive for all its guests to have a whale of a time – and we have so many repeat visitors.  We know this itself is testimony to the type of courses we offer and how much the children love what we do.

5. Summer Camp Helps to Give Your Child Independence

For some parents, it’s daunting sending their child abroad for a relatively long period of time (minimum of a week) but you’ll find that once you’ve done it, your child will almost certainly thank you for the opportunity. Almost every child that stays at Oxford International Juniors summer camp says that they feel more independent following their experience, and more importantly, they want to come back.  They learn how to do things for themselves and this helps them to develop into a confident, independent child.  You’ll be amazed at the many positive differences you’ll notice when they get back home and how they’ll be brimming over with the fabulous experiences they’ve enjoyed!  Of course, your child will be supervised at all times but we love to encourage all our children to try new adventures and really develop their personalities. Some of our shyest children blossom in just one week; we like to say that we have a lot to do with that newly confident, independent person’s transformation!

6. Summer Camp Makes Memories That Last Forever

Every time you take your child somewhere new or you do something different with them, you’re creating a memory. Oxford International Juniors is proud of the special memories we give our children when they attend our summer camps. With multiple locations that are simply breathtaking, the chance to enjoy all the magic that England has to offer and getting to know other children of all different nationalities, it’s an opportunity that kids, worldwide simply adore.  It’s also a week (or longer) that they’ll always look back on fondly and no doubt want to repeat.  The children that come to Oxford International Juniors summer camps tend to make life-long friends that may well be separated by land and sea but still withstand the test of time.

7. Summer Camp Expands Diversity

Sending your child to a camp overseas means they get the extraordinary opportunity to meet other children from different areas of the world, children that they would probably not normally come across.  This is an excellent way of exposing them to new cultures, especially if they don’t usually travel or meet people from outside their country.  Children who are taught early on that the world is a big place, with lots of different people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions will be well-equipped for later on in life when they move onto their universities and careers.

8. Summer Camp Encourages That Feeling of Success!

Going to a summer camp like Oxford International Juniors really increases that sense of success.  Our extraordinary camps expose children to new, lifelong skills, for example, learning English, improving their football skills or learning how to dance. If they want to, they can also take part in a new sport (Zumba, football, cricket, basketball and many more).  So they will return home to you having learnt something different or improved their level of skill – no doubt feeling accomplished!  We hope that those new or improved skills will stay with the children who come to our camps for life.

9. Summer Camp Gives Access To Some Incredible Sights

As well as the thrill of making new friends at summer camp, improving or learning new skills and spending time in one of the historical areas of England, there’s further opportunity to join in on some really exciting optional excursions that your child may not have had access to in the past.  Imagine how much they would enjoy visiting Madame Tussauds, in the centre of London?  Or maybe they’d love to experience the spectacular views across the capital city while on-board The London Eye on a clear day?  There’s also historical Windsor Castle (dating back to 1086) to wander round, situated in the town where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to get married this Spring. If your child’s camp situated is in Scotland, the Edinburgh Dungeons will definitely leave a long-lasting impression!

10. Summer Camp is the Perfect Reason to Have Fun!

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of camp is that your child will have tremendous fun that they’ll never forget!  While some of the Oxford International Junior courses include educational elements, be assured that there’s still plenty of time for some terrific R&R.  We know exactly what children love to take part in and we’ve devised a programme to reflect it. So every week there is a treasure trove of superb activities, carefully designed by our experts for everyone to get involved in.  There are cool disco nights, awe-inspiring talent shows, challenging quiz nights, hilarious karaoke evenings and exciting treasure hunts to name just a few of the brilliant activities that your child will take part in.

11. Summer Camp Helps Children to Develop Better Social Skills

Camp is definitely a completely different experience to going to school or to living and socialising at home. It’s obviously a close-knit community. That means the children do everything together, although sometimes in small groups. However, they still sleep together, eat together, learn together and of course, have fun together.  Oxford International Juniors summer camp is an excellent way to really develop great social skills. Our children understand the importance of showing respect for one another and how to co-operate with other people.  Camp is excellent for encouraging teamwork too, so your child will return home armed with a life-long skill that he or she will find invaluable over the coming years. This is definitely one of the benefits of summer camps.


So there you have it, our eleven phenomenal reasons why your child should try one of the incredible Oxford International Juniors summer camps.  With everything tailored and organised by experts, every second of your child’s day is filled with something truly extraordinary. We strive to provide every single child that attends an outstanding summer experience that they’ll never forget, with friends they’ll stay in touch with and all in a backdrop of marvellous culture and countryside. They’ll definitely thank you for sending them!

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