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BEO Forum Post 1

Dear Team,


Welcome aboard the BEO Forum! Our aim here is to provide robust academic support, clarify guidelines, and provide essential information concerning the competition and the programme at large. For any academic queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at


To streamline the process, we’ll be compiling all questions and publishing comprehensive answers weekly. This ensures everyone has access to the most current information simultaneously. Please understand that due to operational constraints, individual responses to every email might not always be feasible. We highly recommend staying engaged with the Forum to stay updated.


Our posts will be organized into four sections. The ‘General’ section covers queries pertinent to all competition events or other aspects of the program. Following that, we’ll address questions related to the Presentation Events, Debates, and conclude with a segment focusing on the Creative Elements: the Song Contest, Drama Festival, and Improvisation Challenge.


Additionally, we’ll regularly share supplementary materials and guidance. Last week, we presented the recording of our inaugural BEO webinar, emphasizing General Rules and the Presentation Events.


Mark your calendars for our upcoming webinar on November 30th at 3pm UK time. The participation link will be sent to all registered schools in the week leading up to the event.


Wishing you the best with your ongoing preparations! Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


Warm regards,


Cassandra & the OIEG Team





Question: Since there are people in the OIEG team who speak Spanish, can we have our communications in Spanish?

Answer: English is preferred, as this ensures everyone involved can follow up any conversation.



Question: Can my team have more than 20 students?

Answer: No.



Question: Will my school be penalised if one of my students participates in only one of the competitions?

Answer: Yes. For more information on this, please refer to page 11 of the Guidelines.



Question: Can I share the Guidelines with parents and students?

Answer: These guidelines are not created for the students or the parents, but for you, the teacher in charge. It is then your responsibility to break down the information and pass it onto the relevant people.


Question: Where do we send the waivers, the drama script and song lyrics?

Answer: These will be submitted online through the Portal.


  • Drama script: February 5th
  • Waivers: February 14th
  • Song lyrics: March 1st



Question: Can I submit the waivers now?

Answer: No. These waivers are for students and Group Leaders to take ownership of their work and should be submitted after the work has been completed. We understand that in most cases, students will be working on their presentations until the night before – collecting these on site is something that will not be possible logistically speaking.

We understand that by February 14th, most of the work will have been done and students will be mainly practising and rehearsing and not creating.


Question: When can we access the Portal?

Answer: we will cover the Portal during our next webinar on November 30th. It will be accessible from Tuesday 5th December here:


Question: Will you send the recording of each webinar?

Answer: No, but you can find them online here:




Question: In the Country Spotlight, do we have to talk about the touristic parts of the country, its gastronomy and culture in general, besides the technological advancement?

Answer: On page 17 of the BEO Guidelines, it says that the presentation must include

  • A profile of the country.
  • One technological advancement you think will have the biggest impact on your generation in that country. Do not limit yourselves, keep in mind technology as a broader concept that includes both the 21st century meaning along with the pre-electricity one: the technological advancement does not have to include “microchips” – it could be green technology, smart cities,…
  • A brief reflection on how it will impact your generation in that country.


Question: Do we have to submit the Country Spotlight and Investigation presentations?

Answer: No.