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BEO Forum Post 6

Dear BEO participants,


With only 34 days to go, the pressure is on! There are still a few questions on different areas of the competitions, which will be answered here.

We’d like to remind you of some important upcoming dates:

  • Thursday, 22nd February – Webinar 4: Semi Final, Grand Final and Workshops.
  • Friday, 23rd February – All your data needs to be uploaded here. It is of utmost importance that all your students information, including a passport photo, is uploaded as soon as possible. With this information, we will create ID cards for all of your students.
  • Monday, 26th February – You will receive your teams debate stance no later than February 26th. Keep an eye on your inbox, as this information is extremely important.
  • Friday, March 1st – you will have to send your song lyrics by March 1st. Failure to submit the lyrics any later will incur in a 2-point penalty. There will be no exceptions made. Please, upload them here.
  • Wednesday, March 6th – Webinar 5: this is the last webinar of the series. There won’t be much input from our side, as everything has been covered already. This is your chance to ask any last minute questions.


Question: For the Investigation presentation, the guidelines state “you should also consider using AI tools for the delivery of this presentation”. For this our team is considering using an app that creates videos through AI, feeding the slide presentation (the AI created portion), to have the delivery given by AI. Is this acceptable? If so, would the inclusion of a brief AI generated video count towards the limit of 5 AI generated slides?

Answer: On page 19 of the Guidelines we can see the following instructions:

Stage 1: AI Generated presentation – 5 slides maximum, including title slide. No other restrictions other than being created by AI Technology. All slides must have a thick red border to be easily identifiable as AI generated..

Stage 2: Analysis – images only, no text on slides (proper names & brief descriptors for charts or graphs are allowed, or screenshots of AI slides). If you’re including your AI slides as part of your own presentation, these must be a screenshot with a thick red border.

The Guidelines state that you need to have a maximum of 5 slides (including the title) created by AI. There are no other restrictions for this 1st stage, which means you can include a video.

However, you do have a maximum of 8 minutes to deliver the whole presentation, which includes stage 2.

In those 8 minutes, you need to cover stage 1, an AI generated presentation (or the team will be penalised), and you need to show the stage 2 analysis.

The red thick border that will differentiate the AI slides from your own does not have to be AI-generated and can be added manually.



Question: For the Drama Festival presentation, our team wrote a play that requires at some point for the characters to break the fourth wall and call for a member of the audience (who would be a ‘planted’ team member pretending to be in the audience). Assuming the venue for this competition allows for it (we’ve been in venues that have an elevated stage which would make this difficult), would this be acceptable, to call for someone in the audience to walk onto stage?

Answer: Absolutely. After reading the drama script submissions, some of them do include this 4th wall being broken. The person in the audience is a full participant of the event and therefore will need to be included on the list given to the judges.