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BEO Post 16

Dear BEO teams,

We are just a few weeks away from BEO 2020. We are now very busy getting everything ready for your arrival and the competition, and there is no doubt that you are very busy too. Thus, this is our last post.

Below are a few more questions that we have collected in the last week. We will of course continue to provide support on an individual basis; so if there is anything else that you may have questions about, feel free to email us.

We, the Oxford International head office team, will be visiting all campuses, so please make sure you come and say hello when you see us.

As you are now about to enter the most important part of this amazing journey, let me leave you with William Faulkner’s quote which sums up the BEO 2020 perfectly:

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world would do this, it would change the earth.”

We hope you are as excited as we are to be a part of this incredible event!

See you soon!

Kind regards,

Kamila & the Oxford International Team




Since we are supposed to analyse an online written piece of news, we’d like to know if it is possible to project part of the news we are evaluating, because the guidelines say that we can’t. There are some parts of the text that we’d like to highlight, and some headlines we’d like to show, so we took some screenshots. However, we are not going to read what is written. Therefore, would we lose points if we showed our piece of written news on the slides?


Headlines and screenshots are OK to use as long as students do not include the presentation script and/or read the text of the screen.



Does a student who will navigate the PowerPoint slides on a computer count as part of the presentation group? I mean, if 4 are presenting and 1 is navigating, does it count as 5 participants or only 4?


No, the student who is in charge of forwarding the slides and/or background music (during the drama performance) does not count as a participant. They should also not hand in their competition ID to the judges.




The reason for this e-mail is my doubts about the debate. Since the focus will be on the use of DIGITAL DEVICES, the definition for them covers a vast example besides cell phones, so, I wanted to make sure that if by digital devices it means that we are considering all of them and not just the cell phones.


Yes, when we say digital devices we mean all of them.




What source of light are we going to be provided with at our location?


Please refer to Post 1 for the information on the technical set up.



Can we use a projector to transmit images on the screen to make a drama performance more vivid? Could we have a projector at the location or should we bring our own one?


No, unfortunately, the use of projectors will not be allowed.