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BEO Post 2

Hello all,


We have not had very many new questions so this will be just a brief post. However, many of you have asked about the nature of the Mystery Challenges so if you click here, you will be able to download a sample challenge from previous years. Tune in next week for a sample of the Improvisation Challenge 😊





Question: When will we be receiving the feedback from the lyrics and drama that we submitted in the portal?

Answer: We will not be provide feedback on these; they are to be assessed by the judges. However, we will notify you if we consider it to be too far from the brief and / or if we find some offensive language or ideas in it.



Question: Regarding the stage 1 of the debate, What should the assessment of the situation be? What should that first statement include?

Answer: This should be a summary of your research and an opportunity to explain your stance from the perspective of your assigned role. This initial presentation must be minimum 2 minutes and maximum 5 minutes long. During this stage, the advisers should listen carefully and note down arguments or examples that they might want to point out to the debaters to address later. Please refer to the Guide published in the previous post.





Question: On the forum it says that the shadow component of the theatre has been removed. What does this mean? Are we still supposed to base our play on Plato’s allegory?


Answer: Yes, your play still needs to be based on the allegory but you are no longer required to perform it as a shadow theatre which was a part of the original brief in 2020.