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BEO Post 5

Dear all,


Thank you very much to those who attended the BEO Webinar yesterday. For those of you who were unable to do so, you can watch the recording here.


I would also like to remind you all to log in into the BEO Portal and start uploading your student data. If you experience any issues logging in, please contact me immediately.


We have received only one additional question this week and that was regarding the Song Contest.



We have a doubt and we would like see if you can clarify it for us. For the Acapella contest we are doing a mash and one of the songs has a part that contains English and Spanish, so with that in mind we were wondering will it be ok if various lines end in a Spanish word respecting its originality.



Remember that one of the assessment criteria for the song is Lyrics; that is the lyrics students compose. If part of the song is in Spanish, even if it is a couple of words, it is likely to have an impact on the meaning. And even if the meaning is not impacted and the English and Spanish parts match well, the judges may not understand that unless they do speak Spanish, which is quite unlikely.


We look forward to more questions.


Kind regards,


Kamila & the OIEG Team