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BEO Post 6

Dear all,


I hope you are now ready for the great journey that BEO is and almost packing your suitcases.


First, I would like to remind you that our last webinar is coming up next week on 23rd February. We will start at 3 pm UK and the log in details have been sent out via email. We will have a look at the non-competition elements of the programme, as well as the structure of the semi-finals and grand finals. This is also an opportunity to have last minute questions answered.


Secondly, I would like to inform you that BEO Debate roles have now been assigned and sent to all registered schools earlier today. If you have not received the email, please check your spam filter and if you do not find it there, contact me.


Finally, like every year, we would love to get photos and videos of your students thriving at BEO 2023. In order to do so, we will need media consent forms for all students and staff from all schools. This is a regulation that we must follow to be in line with UK law. Please forward these forms to parents or legal representatives as soon as possible. Only schools with 100% media consent forms signed will be included in photos and videos, as we can’t ensure we are capturing the correct students without all forms. The forms can be accessed via the link or QR code below.




Is it common for the students to wear the uniform for the presentation competitions or do they normally wear formal attire?


School uniform counts as a formal attire, but for those school who do not have school uniform western business attire is acceptable. The written guidelines tell you for which events a formal attire is required and for which not.



What is the dress code for teachers? Should they also wear formal and casual attire depending on the competition suggestions?


There is no prescribed dress code for teachers.




Could we be notified which version of Office the computer available for the presentations is going to have? We have encountered changing fonts and transitions in the PowerPoint presentation when using different computers in our school and we´re afraid this could happen when we get there and have no time to make corrections.


Unfortunately, I cannot tell you up front which version it is going to be. There are also likely to be multiple laptops available in the centre and I would not know which is going to be used for which event. I would suggest you check this after the arrival to the centre.




For the drama competition, the student in charge of the sound effects and music (has no active role in the play) is counted as a participant in the competition?


No, normally the student who is in charge of forwarding the slides (in presentations) or sound effects (in drama) does not count. However, the number of participants for the drama is not limited so it should not really matter.



You said we would be able to get some simple props for the drama when we get there. Are we supposed to turn in a list beforehand or do we ask our assigned staff member at arrival?


You will be invited by the AEM (Academic Event Manager) to submit your requests shortly after arrival to the centre.



Kind regards,


Kamila & the OIEG Team