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Creating a safe and engaging learning environment – Part 3

This is the final part in our three-part series on creating a safe and engaging learning space.

Here are some further practical ideas which can contribute to the students’ sense of safety in class and encourage creative learning.

Be careful when using humour

Humour rarely translates well. Understanding most forms of humour in English actually requires quite an advanced level of English. If students don’t understand a joke, it just adds to all the other things they may not understand and therefore their frustration.

Create a space for quiet in every lesson

Not all students are outgoing and enjoy a busy, noisy classroom environment. Sometimes students react to a noisy classroom by trying to stand out even more against the background noise. Balancing energetic stages with moments of calm and quiet will benefit all different kinds of learners in your class.

Help students to maintain their energy levels

Nutrition can play an important part in student behaviour. Allow students only to drink water in the classroom. Soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar which provide a quick burst of energy followed by a sense of fatigue. Water keeps students hydrated and won’t leave stains if accidentally spilt.

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