What happens on arrival?

If you have arranged transfers with Oxford International a member of our staff will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate. They will accompany you by coach or taxi to your centre, where a member of the management team will be waiting to greet you. After the programme for the first day has been explained, you will be shown to your accommodation and given a campus tour. Most centres will hold a Group Leader meeting on the first evening.

What happens if there is a fire alarm?

Colleges and universities are required to regularly hold fire drills in the interest of safety and to ensure that all students know the fire alarm procedure. On arrival everyone will be told where the fire assembly point is for their accommodation and, during the campus tour, the assembly points for all the public areas will be pointed out. During a drill or a real fire, it is essential that all students and staff leave their accommodation or classrooms and evacuate the building using the stairways. Do not use the lift if there is a fire alarm and leave your belongings in the building. Students should go to their designated fire assembly point where a member of Oxford International Junior Programmes or college staff will be available to take a head count. No one must re-enter the building until advised to do so. In the rare event of a real fire, the emergency services will be automatically called. If it is cold or wet outside it may be advisable to take a jacket if easily available.

What is the procedure at mealtimes?

If everyone turned up at once meal times would be far too chaotic! Each group will receive a time slot in which they are scheduled. Unless unavoidable, please stick to these timetables to minimise the waiting time. A member of Oxford International Junior Programmes staff will be on breakfast/lunch/dinner duty to aid the whole process. It is the responsibility of the Group Leader to ensure that all of their students have put their tray away, and cleared away any other mess on their table. Students will only be allowed second portions once everyone has had a first portion.

How are students placed in classes?

Students will be thoroughly tested in order to place them in the correct class. The placement test will comprise of a written exam and an oral speaking assessment. The Director of Studies will then arrange the classes so each student is in the correct level with students of a similar age. Depending on what day the group arrives, this will usually happen on the day of the first lesson.

What happens if a student wants to change classes?

All students are rigorously tested on arrival and placed into classes specifically designed for their ability. Please note it may not be possible to swap students into classes of the exact same level. It may be advantageous to make sure that the student has given their class a chance; it does typically take them a little time to adjust and settle into their new routine. Students might not be with their friends but this is a great opportunity to meet new people and different nationalities. If students believe that their level of English is incorrect then it is essential to speak to the Director of Studies, who will be able to help you.

How do students participate in on-site activities?

All activities will be compulsory, meaning a sign-up system will be used. Each student will have to put their name next to the activity they wish to choose that day. This will form the register for the staff. All activities and excursions will be advertised in advance on the noticeboards and will begin with a meeting point. The activities on offer vary from each night but are made up from the following 5 categories: sports, challenges, workshops, whole campus activities and relaxing activities.

What happens on an excursion day?

For most of the big excursions, your Activity Manager will arrange a pre-excursion briefing that will outline the entire itinerary for the day. Groups are able to adapt this itinerary should enough notice be given, for individual students, this is a chance to understand what you will see. Everyone should be at the meeting point at the agreed time so the Activity Leaders can ensure they have everybody. Excursions will either be extended full days, full days or half days. Meals are provided throughout and compromise a packed meal or meal voucher if you miss a hot meal on campus. The Activity Leaders are in charge of the day, ensure the itinerary is kept to. They also work to keep the students safe.

What happens if a student is lost on an excursion?

In the highly unlikely event that a student becomes separated from the group, the first thing to do is try to contact them and find out where they are. If this is possible, then a member of staff will go to collect the student and bring them back to the group or to the meeting point. All students, leaders and staff wear an Oxford International lanyard which has the 24hr emergency number on it. This is the number to call if a student is missing. The key information to know is: the name of the student, which campus they are from, if they are part of the group, the name of the group leader, where they are stood. From there, the head office team can locate the group and the Activity Leader can come back to pick them up. If the student’s level of English is too low, a member of the public can help.

How do I book an optional trip?

Each centre has a range of optional activities available to cater for different budgets and interests. An optional booklet is available on the website prior to arrival so you can start looking at which destinations are available from your centre. After arriving in the UK, the Activity Manager will be available to discuss your choices and book tickets/transport.

How do I do something different on my programme?

It is unusual for groups or individuals to want to deviate from their programme, and the optional days allow for any extra activities. This can also interrupt the lesson schedules for students, so we advise against any changes. If, however, there is something that you would like to do which falls outside of the programme, and cannot be done on the optional day, then this can be negotiated prior to arrival. If you want to do something different on a planned excursion day then you should mention to the Activity Manager when you arrive.

What happens if someone loses a room key?

The first thing to do is to tell the Centre Manager. If it does not get found, they should be able to organise for a replacement to be issued. All students have to leave a damage/key deposit of £20 or €30. If the key is still missing at the end of your stay, this deposit may be kept to cover the cost of a replacement key. Group Leaders and students will be told the exact procedure during their welcome induction.

What happens if someone loses their passport?

We strongly advise that once students have arrived, their passports are stored safely and not carried around with them. The Centre Manager has a safe and many of the rooms have lockable cupboards. If a passport is lost, the Group Leader (or staff member if an individual student) will need to accompany the student to the embassy of their home country where they will be issued with a replacement document or permit to travel. The Centre Manager will be able to help locate the embassy and print any forms that might be helpful.

What happens if a student is sick?

We take the welfare of our students very seriously, and should a student feel unwell we have fully trained First Aid staff available to help. The Welfare Manager will speak to the students during induction to explain what to do in the event of illness and identify themselves as the first point of contact. If a student is too ill to come to class, they should inform their Group Leader who should tell the Director of Studies. If the student falls ill in class, they should tell their teacher who will contact the centre office to find the Group Leader. The Welfare Team will be able to monitor the student in the meantime. If the student is too ill go on an excursion, one of the Group Leaders should stay with them. If this isn’t possible then the welfare team will be able to monitor the student while they rest in their room. Should the situation appear more serious, we will do everything we can to help, from arranging a doctor’s appointment to escorting someone to the local medical centre/hospital, which can be found in the Centre Guidebook. Rest assured we will do everything we can to help and ensure timely medical attention is given.

Can my students leave the campus on their own?

If your students are aged 18 or above, they are legally adults in the UK and we cannot stop them from going off the campus. We would ask they only do this with your permission. They must only leave campus in their free time, that they tell you and the Centre Manager where they are going, and they respect the campus curfew and are back and in their rooms by 22:30. If a student is 16 or 17, then their parents would have to email or fax a letter of permission to head office. Under no circumstances should any students drink alcohol on or off the campus.

Can my students smoke on the campus?

Each campus is different but more and more are becoming completely non-smoking areas. The legal age to buy cigarettes in the UK is 18 and, therefore, staff have been told to ask all students caught smoking on campus to kindly stop.

What happens on departure day?

Prior to your group’s final day, the Group Leaders will attend a departure meeting, where the full procedure for each centre will be explained. Flight details will need to be checked, and the Centre Manager will issue the scheduled transfer time to leave the centre. If you have arranged transfers with Oxford International Junior Programmes, then a member of staff will accompany you to the airport. In a residential centre, you will normally need to check out of your accommodation by 09:30 at the latest.