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The Masters Post 6

Hello all,

I hope your preparations are going well and you are looking forward to arriving in the UK in less than 8 weeks. The team here are working hard to ensure everything will be ready for what we hope will be the best Masters yet.

We are also bringing you our latest bulletin with further information on the Teacher Training and Group Leader Programme.

To give you a cutting edge in the competition, I recommend that you research and familiarise yourself with a SWOT analysis. Think about: What is it? How is it used? Why is it a useful tool in business? How might you use it?

I sent out The Masters Registration forms this week, please ensure you complete and return them to me by 17th February 2020. If you have not received them yet, please do let me know.

We also received our first question this week. As always, if you do have any questions please, do email them to me at

Best wishes,
Amanda and the Oxford International Team


Creative Activities


My students are wondering if the Talent Show is mandatory or optional?


No, performing in the talent show is optional and not part of the main competition. It is part of the social/activity programme and intended to be a fun and entertaining event.