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WEE Post 7

Dear WEE teams,

The counter says the WEE is only 1 month and 15 days away and we are getting super excited about it!

There were 2 questions this week, so remember if you have any, you just need to email me at and I will more than happy to collate them and reply to them in this forum.

Before jumping onto the questions, let me remind you to send the WEE Registration Form before next Monday 17th February 2020. If you have not received it yet, please let me know as soon as possible. On Friday 28th February, we will be posting the last post on this forum, but if I have any questions after that, you can still email them to me on

Warm regards,

Diana and the Oxford International Team



For How WEE see our community, could we add a short 30sec video into the PowerPoint?


The answer is yes you can, but I would be cautious. If you bear in mind the presentation is between 3-5 minutes long and you are going to take away 30 secs…Would students have time to say what they need? Would the presentation be consistent? You need to remember that the video would count as visual support and not as content for the presentation.



I have a question about the How WEE see our community competition. My team is made up of of 6 students. I would like to know if all of them can participate in every competition or do I have to split them up for each task?


Only teams bigger than 15 are split. In your team’s case, they can participate together in all of the competitions.