About BEO – Lancing College

Lancing College is a beautiful independent boarding and day school in southern England, UK. The school is located in West Sussex, east of Worthing near the village of Lancing, on the south coast of England.


BEO Programme Highlights

The British English Olympics (BEO) is a unique, high profile event attracting bilingual international schools to compete in a series of English language academic challenges. As part of the BEO, your students will explore modern global issues and make presentations, debate and perform on subjects such as the environment, globalisation and sustainable development.

Since the BEO began in 2009, Oxford International has welcomed over 4000 students from more than 250 schools and 20 different countries. Every year we look to develop the programme and expand the international mix of countries who participate.

Compulsory age range: 12-16


  • Participation in the BEO competition at Lancing College centred on contemporary political and social issues.
  • 2 extended full-day excursions to London (9am-8pm) with a guided Politics and Royalty walking tour.
  • Award Ceremony based in a central London location
  • 1 extended full day excursion to London (9am-10:30pm) including a ride on the London Eye and a West End Musical.
  • Full day excursion to Oxford with a walking tour and entrance to an Oxford College.
  • 1 full-day excursion to Brighton with a guided walking tour and option to include an entrance to Brighton Pavilion