Spring Courses

We run a number of different Spring programmes ranging from a classic academic programme to exciting English language competitions.

Along with a variety of different lessons our Spring Classic programmes cater for all levels of English proficiency and ensure all students are placed accurately on arrival. The standard programme for Easter provides a rich variety of activities and excursions, alongside our tailor-made English syllabus. Designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment in which to enhance your language skills, the standard programme includes several excursions to some of the UK’s most famous cities.

Our other Spring programmes include the below:

BEO World Championships

The British English Olympics (BEO) is an unique event attracting bilingual schools from around the world to compete against each other in a series of English language academic challenges. Alongside seven compelling competitive events, the programme includes 3 full day excursions to London, and full day excursions to Brighton and Oxford.

WEE World English Experience

The World English Experience (WEE) is a unique opportunity for school groups to join a language programme with a difference. Alongside 30 hours of English classes and culture-based lessons, the programme includes a number of competitive elements. As an all-inclusive package, the WEE has a rich and varied programme, including full day excursions to a variety of UK cities, a fun evening activity timetable and Trinity College examinations.


The Masters programme is dedicated to developing a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Inspired by MBA programmes, the Masters aims to raise students’ awareness of today’s competitive global business environment and equip students with the essential skills to innovate, design and present projects to meet the challenges of the future.