Summer Courses

Our summer english language programmes for junior students combine academic schedules with engaging activities which makes the most of each location, give students a diverse cultural experience and ensure they succeed in their studies, all in a safe and secure environment.



The on-site programme has a range of choices available, from discos, talent shows and sports competitions, to movie nights and treasure hunts. We have introduced some exciting new activities for 2017 including Geocaching, Korfball, beauty nights and dance workshops.



You will always be guaranteed to visit some of the most iconic and memorable locations in the UK, the USA, and Canada. Alongside this we have an extensive list of optional excursions you can choose on arrival.



The tailored academic programme is designed to help you make the most the time at the chosen centre. The variety of different lessons cater for all levels of English proficients and the activity programmes are linked to the academic side, giving the best opportunity to practice speaking skills while having fun.