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Do I have your attention?

Attention is a regular topic of research particularly in the modern world we live in. Monitoring screen time, social media and attention spans are becoming more commonplace among news headlines fighting to grab our attention. A quick google search will return many articles with many different figures and theories on how attention spans are shrinking, and how goldfish still remain the target of short attention span comparisons.


Interactive Classes

Despite articles not coming to a consensus on a specific time that we can pay attention for, research does suggest that active learning methods and student/teacher interactivity are key to maintaining student attention both during and after a segment/activity.

We agree. An interactive learning environment where teachers and students can engage with each other leads to better learning outcomes. This is one of the reasons why there are a number of interactive components in each class. Interactivity is especially important now that we have launched our online classes, and thankfully our syllabus and classrooms have been easily adapted to suit the online environment. 


Our Classes 

Each lesson is 60-minutes long allowing for the teacher and students to focus on the lesson’s activities, learnings and outcomes. The time allows for teaching, activities, discussion and in-depth explanation as required but also maintains the student’s attention before fatigue sets in. 

This is especially important online as students may be in different time zones depending on where they are joining the class.


Who can join?

Our online classes are available for students with an English level of A2: Pre-intermediate to C1: Advanced. Classes are established based on a student’s English level and their availability/time-zone, with a minimum of 4 students required to run a class.


What are the options?

All three of our online programmes are run by our qualified and experienced teachers, who provide fantastic educational experiences for our students.

  • The Virtual Classroom for Groups: Learn English as a group in class sizes of 4 or more students. These classes are arranged at a time the suits the students, depending on their location around the world.
  • The Virtual Classroom for Individuals: Fixed sessions each weekday are open to individual students looking to join fellow students from across the globe. These diverse classes connect between 4-6 students in an online classroom, where they can learn from an accredited teacher and use their English meet their peers from different countries.
  • One-to-One Personalised Tuition: With personalised tuition, students can focus on their individual learning goals. These sessions help a student to learn and practice the skills they specifically want to address.
    Personalised tuition is also available as an additional option for students in both the group and individual classes.


What do I need?

The great thing about our online classes is students’ don’t need much to participate, but we do recommend the following:

  • Laptop/computer with webcam and audio capabilities or a modern smartphone
  • Reliable internet connection.


Join or learn more about our online programmes

The Virtual Classroom for Groups

The Virtual Classroom for Groups

Our virtual classroom offers students aged 8-17 the opportunity to study at a time that suits their schedule.
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The Virtual Classroom for Individuals

The Virtual Classroom for Individuals

Our virtual classroom offers individual students aged 8-17 the opportunity to study in small classes of 4-6 students from across the globe
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One-to-One Personalised Tuition

One-to-One Personalised Tuition

One-on-One sessions help individual students aged 8-17 focus on their learning goals and progress with a qualified EFL teacher.
Learn More